5 Gift ideas that you'll surely want to give yourself and your loved ones


Because gifts are important, whether it is for your special someone or for your special occasions, finding the right gift can be downright tricky. Sometimes, it could even take months just to find one because you don't know what to buy to make that day even more 'special' or pleasing to the eyes of the recipients.

For those of you who are at your wits’ end, we have 5 gift ideas that can surely bring smiles onto both of your faces!

5 Gift Ideas that you’ll surely want to give yourself and your loved ones

1. Gifts for healthy lovers

When you are shopping for health junkies it can be downright tricky. Because not only do you want to show that you understand their health and wellbeing regime, you also want to choose a gift that reflect their lifestyle. But one thing that will never fail to impress these health junkies are gifts that can help promote good health including a health journal, a basket of nutritious fresh fruits that are low in calories and health check-up programs. Besides, health supplements from beyonde like beyonde Life Sential that helps replenish essential nutrients to the body; beyonde Maqui Plus, the antioxidant booster that helps fights against free radicals and strengthen the body; beyonde OMEG 3 Plus, which can keep the heart healthy; and beyonde Cal-Plex that can help strengthen the bones; are great gift options for your favourite health-conscious people. It's time to let them know that you care through your gift.

2. Gifts for a hair stylist

No matter if you are a man or a woman, a shinier, healthier-looking hair is something that can drastically add vibrancy to your personality. Having not to worry about your dry and damaged hair every minute can immensely boost up your confidence and opening new doors to good opportunities. For this reason, gifting hair nourishments and supplements to those who are obsessed with their hair with a spa course or hair detox, gift vouchers to their favourite hair salon or a set of hair care products such as premium shampoo, conditioner, treatment and leave-on can make them smile for days. It's time to say goodbye to “bad hair day” for good.

3. Gifts for sport enthusiasts

To be healthy, it doesn't stop at just eating clean. Be healthy as you want to be by getting yourself (or encouraging your loved one) to get moving. And if your special someone already loves to exercise, why not give him or her a little more love by gifting a sport equipment such as a smartwatch, running shoes or sport dietary supplement like beyonde M-EX which can help boost your VO2 Max with more oxygen inside your body, you can exercise longer and more effectively. By the time you know it, you and your favourite person will fall in love with a healthier version of themselves.

4. Gifts for beauty enthusiasts

No matter how you think of it, your skin is very important. Not only it protects everything inside your body, but it is also your body's health indicator. In other words, when you neglect your health, your body will start complaining through your skin, or more precisely, your fine lines and wrinkled skin. For this reason, it does not come as a surprise that beauty enthusiasts love their skincare. Therefore, if you are looking for something special for this type of people, don't forget to buy them a thoughtful skin-related gifts, be it a sunscreen to protect their beautiful skin, a lotion to rehydrate and brighten the skin or various facial masks to keep your face fresh and healthy. Besides, you can always gift your favourite someone a spa course to de-stress or a beauty supplement like aviance Collagen Matrix so that they can look younger.

5. Gifts for yourself

If you and your special someone is one of those people who like to pamper yourself, then besides taking meticulous care of your skin, you pay close attention to fashion trends, ensuring that you are always in trend, be it your clothes or accessories. To impress this group of people, you can get them a bottle of perfume that he or she likes (or one that indicates the person's personality). Besides, you can go for fashionable items like clothes, shoes, rings, bracelets and watches. But remember to choose a design that is suitable for all occasion. If you are not ready to pay that high, then get something in the price range that you are comfortable with. Because, sometimes, it's more about the thought that counts rather than the price tag.

Finally, there are specially curated Christmas Bundles that can be given as gifts for any situation. Save yourself from the trouble of hair pulling just to think of a  a gift idea! Furthermore, plenty of attractive prizes to be given away if you are the chosen one in Santa's Good List!

With this mentioned, sometimes the price tag of your gift can be high as a sky, but it cannot be compared to the love and effort that you put into finding that perfect gift. By getting a gift that reflects one personality or lifestyle, it indicates that you pay close attention to your special someone and that you want to take a better care of them.

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