A Generation Party that's just for you!

Since people grow up in different generations, people have many different personalities, likes, and thoughts. Well, it’s almost the New Year, so let’s gather as much happiness as possible and move forward to the New Year with full power! Which generation are you? Let’s party your style this year!
1. “Golden Night” Party
Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) were born around the time that World War ll had just ended. It was a time of change. Society was changing sharply making people of that generation focus mainly on working hard. Now, Baby Boomers are self-independent and very competitive. This generation sets a clear goal and is highly disciplined.

This is your party : Despite entering retirement age, you can still enjoy music and competitive games. Organize a karaoke night and recall music from the good old days. For food, it should be simple dishes that are easy to chew. Enjoy this precious night to the fullest!
2. “No More Rules” Party
Generation X (born 1965-1979) were born in the period where technology slowly started to play more roles in daily life, like computers and video games. Now, Gen X loves freedom and they are very creative. People in this generation love everything simple and they don’t like any complications. People from Gen X have low patience and give importance to their work-life balance.

This is your party : A complex party with a lot of steps is not for you. No serious theme. No intense hairdo. No extravagant make-up. Gen X loves to have fun but it must be simple. Choose cocktail style food that is easy to eat but is full of creative ideas and unique gimmicks for the party. Break the rules, be unique, and you will have a very impressive party!
3. “Exit to Wonderland” Party
Generation Y or Millennials (born 1980-1997) were born in the period where technology was booming. People in this generation are very confident in themselves. However, they have short spans of attention, low patience and often switch jobs. They hate to be forced or told what to do. But they are very optimistic and good at multi tasking.

This is your party : You need a fun and unique party where you can meet other positive minds. It doesn’t have to be a big party but it should be full of people, good music and good nightlong conversations.
4. “Sound of The Future” Party
Generation Z (born 1997-present) have been born with the luxury of technology to access knowledge and a society which sometimes makes them love the convenience too much. They care about themselves before others. They are quick learners and love the online world more than anything. They like to connect, share, and update their lives on to the online world more than a face-to-face conversation.

This is your party : Nothing is more suitable with GEN Z than a party with a hot, colorful decoration. GEN Z is the young generation that loves fun and energy. They like to use technology to enhance the party. Try setting up a DJ booth where the guests can send their song requests on LINE. Make sure to set up a photo spot for cool photo-shoots, as well as a strong WiFi signal, so that everyone can go Live on Social Media. Yeah, and don’t forget the # (hashtag) of the night!

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