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"Wishing you good health"

Many of you are probably very familiar with this brief wish. But did you know that simple wellbeing is the most important desire to have? A healthy body and mind impact your energy to do activities, work and it leads to happiness in your heart as well. Wishing your loved ones “good health,” therefore means, “wanting you to live happily together for a long time. And if this New Year (including the upcoming Chinese New Year), you are looking for a gift that will make your loved ones healthy, we have some suggestions on things that are suitable for them.

 Beyonde Healthy, beyond   

For our beloved parents and elders

Best gift: Beyonde Maqui Plus

How it’s good for them: Health of elders requires special care. Beyonde Maqui Plus is a drink that contains rich fruit extract from 12 species of fruits in the superfruit family from 9 countries around the world. It’s very easy to drink in addition to being very delicious. It also helps seniors sleep well. This beverage is suitable for older people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and allergies. A gift of it will indeed represent your care and attention towards them.

 Beyonde Healthy, beyond

 For your younger brother who is still in school and your younger sister who is an office worker.

Best gift: Beyonde Life Sential

How it is good for them: People this age use their brains a lot and also travel more than anyone else. This product is a dietary supplement that will provide them with the benefits of vitamins, enzymes, seaweeds, and mushrooms to help strengthen the cells. This leads to good health and also helps with relaxation before bed as well. The body, therefore, receives full benefits. They will be able to concentrate on studying and working without wearing out and they will have all the energy they need to study or work freshly the next day, too.

 Beyonde Healthy, beyond

 For your meaningful, little naughty ones.

Best gift: Beyonde Algae Calcium-D

How it is good for them: For kids in the growing age, their bones, teeth, and nails need a high amount of calcium and minerals. This dietary supplement includes chicory fiber, calcium, and vitamin D to help nourish their health and also solve the calcium deficiency problem in small children who refuse to drink milk.

It can be seen that every significant group of people needs to be taken care of. To give the gift of “good health” is important for happiness and the integrity of life and family. Now you have an answer for your gift to anyone and everyone for the next special occasion!

beyonde Maqui Plus (Duo Pack Package)

beyonde Maqui Plus Multi Fruits and Berries Concentrate

Liquid health supplement, packed with maqui berries, artichoke leaf extract, goji berries, grape seed extract, acai berry extract, and acerola cherry extract.

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beyonde Life Sential

Dietary health supplement of over 50 types of essential vitamins, minerals, and Amino Acids

Dietary supplement consisting of over 50 types of essential vitamins, minerals, and Amino Acids

*Nutritional content is an accumulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acid, Coenzyme Q10, extracts from melon, chlorella, and shitake.


beyonde Algae Calcium-D

Chicory Fiber & Calcium plus Vitamin D Dietary Supplement


Dietary Supplement product containing Chicory Fiber, Calcium, and Vitamin D. Helps to fortify bones, teeth, hair, and nails by providing essential Calcium and Minerals.


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