Cal-Plex: More than Calcium

For stronger bones at every age

Calcium is an essential nutrient needed for growth and bone development. It is the most abundant mineral element in the body, with more than 99% of calcium is stored within bones and teeth. Although calcium intake is especially important during childhood, as to develop the peak bone mass, calcium is actually needed throughout our life – be it in our adult or senior years.

For stronger bones at every age

For decades, it is a common knowledge that dietary sources, especially milk, contains calcium, which is good for your bones. But in today's world, with advanced technology and a greater understanding of the bone composition,

Is calcium or milk enough to maintain your bones?

For stronger bones at every age

Combining the best components for your optimal bone health,
Cal-Plex has the balance of calcium and minerals for your bones…providing superior health solution for your bones.

Why Cal-Plex is the right calcium supplement for you?

  1. It uses extraction technology from the USA combined with further purification and microfiltration techniques certified by USFDA to derive calcium and minerals.
  2. This milk-calcium mineral complex is similar to human bones, with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and copper making the composition.
  3. It provides 200 times more concentrated calcium than regular milk.
  4. It has clinically proven to improve bone density and height for children*, give better bone strength than calcium carbonate for adults, and prevent bone breakdown and bone loss for the seniors**.

For stronger bones at every age   For stronger bones at every age

For your body to be able to absorb these nutrients to your bones effectively, Cal-Plex also contains vitamin D3 which helps in calcium absorption, which is essential for your growth and building of strong bones and teeth. Besides, it also prevents inflammation of bones and muscles and strengthens your immune system.

One of the basic principles of nutrition is all about balance, and for your optimal bone health, do not forget to eat healthily, stay strong by exercising, and keep your bone stronger with Cal-Plex.

For stronger bones at every age

*Glanbia Nutritionals, USA
**Human clinical study in 20 females with oral intake 350mg twice a day for 6 weeks, conducted by Glanbia Nutritionals, USA

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Dietary supplement adds extra calcium and minerals to the body

Dietary Supplement combining calcium (Milk Calcium Mineral Complex) vitamin D3

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