Superfruit - Maqui Berry makes it all good

In 1 minute, your skin ages 23 million times!

Free radicals damage and weaken your skin causing wrinkles, skin dullness and constant aging. They can damage your skin up to 23 million times within a second. Free radicals form naturally in the body and can be found in our environment - for instance, in UV rays, dust, smoke, pollution, chemicals, and alcohol.



Maqui Berry…the superfruit for bright skin

Delphinidin, an antioxidant found in purplish-red fruits and abundant in the Maqui Berry, can help defend skin and fix skin structure damaged by free radicals – the cause of wrinkles, dry skin, and aging.

Restless sleep is a dangerous signal

A study from Turkey has found that people with sleep problems have lower levels of antioxidants in the body and a higher number of free radicals. This causes the blood to accumulate waste and over time causes damage to the body's waste system resulting in brain fatigue, tiredness, mood swings or depression. In extreme cases, it may cause Alzheimer's disease or cancer.



Maqui…the Happy Berry that helps you sleep soundly

Antioxidants found in berries help the body relax for sound sleep and help the body restore balance while resting. Maqui drink contains anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin found in purplish-red berries, especially the maqui berry, acai berry and red grapes which help relax the body and induce feelings of happiness. The Maqui Berry truly is the superfruit to drink every day for a happy life.

When your cells are exhausted, your body becomes sickly

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the cause of lazy cells, is linked to consuming high-calorie foods, drinking alcohol, and smoking. And the lack of regular exercise or burning energy. This causes the cells' powerhouse “mitochondria” to malfunction and become overwhelmed by free radicals in the body. The body's hormones and enzymes breakdown and cause sleepiness, brain fatigue, and tiredness. If extreme, it may even affect the body's functions and cause an increase in weight, low immunity, diabetes, and cancer.



Maqui…Active Berry Make lazy cells active again

In the past, the Mapuche Indian tribe battled hard to fend off the Inca tribe and the Spanish. These intruders could not defeat the Mapuche Indians because they regularly took a secret concentrate made of maqui berry hence the maqui berry became a symbol of strength and vitality.

A study from Finland found that regularly consuming fruits in the berry family can help to reduce the risk of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes and heart complications.

Low immunity, allergies, and free radicals

The University of Texas Medical School, USA, found that pollen caused an increase of free radicals in the cells within minutes and that dust also stimulated the development of free radicals in the lungs. This throws the body's immunity off-balance, triggers inflammation and causes allergic reactions.


Maqui Berry the fruit for overcoming allergies

Allergies arise when the body has low immunity or body cells react to stimulants more aggressively than usual. A study from the USA found that the intake of antioxidants along with allergy relief spray helps the body respond to medicine much better. Also, a study in Thailand found that antioxidants such as anthocyanin flavonoids can help protect against and reduce the buildup of inflammatory enzymes. Research from Chile proved that maqui berry can reduce pro-anti-inflammatory effects which occur with allergies. The maqui berry is beneficial to people with allergies.

Take this super antioxidant drink for good skin, sound sleep, a more active life, and fewer allergies.

All illnesses caused by free radicals. Increasing antioxidants in the body can help reduce toxins and purify the blood, plus aid liver function. It also helps the body’s systems function more efficiently.

Maqui Plus with Maqui Berry and 11 superfruits

Beyonde Maqui Plus holds antioxidants up to 249,225 units/bottle. It contains fruits from 9 countries around the world such as the maqui berry, artichoke, goji berry, among others, as well as phytonutrients. Drinking 25 ml provides the body with antioxidants comparable to consuming 250 lemons, 40 bananas or 1.5 kg of tomatoes.

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