Food Supplements vs Dietary Supplements product: Which to choose?

It is believed that over 80 percent of the people, in general, would look for a “supplement” when they want to strengthen their body or enhance their beauty; and thus, the word “supplement” is something that most people are familiar with. But not many people know that we have been using the term incorrectly.

So, what is “food supplement”?

According to the pharmaceutical regulations, "food supplement" is a natural food that contains dietary ingredients meant to add additional, nutritional value to your diet. In other words, food supplements can help prevent malnutrition while filling the gaps in your diet to help promote good health.

How to take food supplements?

When it comes to taking food supplements, it depends on the age range. Because as you grow older, your body needs different nutrients.

  • Infants older than 6 months, besides breast milk, we tend to supplement the baby with finely ground rice (porridge) and hard-boiled vegetables such as pumpkin or ripe fruits like papaya. Sometimes ground banana is also added to supplement the little body.
  • Young children, who have become picky about their food, oftentimes are in danger of malnutrition which can affect their growth in the long run. Therefore, mothers should consider adding boiled eggs, fish, meat, chicken, milk, boiled vegetables, and various fruits into their little ones’ diets. To increase your children’s appetite, you can give the dish a little decoration.
  • Pregnant women need all the nutrients they can get to nourish their bodies and the little fetus that is developing inside their womb. Therefore, they should consider adding more rice, milk, good protein from fish and meat, as well as various veggies into their diet.
  • Senior people are at the stage where they have to face with big physical and mental changes. What’s more, the efficiency of various organs is greatly reduced. Therefore, to keep the body healthy, you need various nutrients including high-fiber veggies like morning glory, ivy gourd, neem flowers and cabbage as to improve your digestive system and bowel movement. Besides, elderly people should drink milk to fortify the bones and eat plenty of brown rice and good proteins from fish to maintain muscle mass.

food supplement_dietary supplement products

Food supplement and dietary supplement…is it different?

From the abovementioned information about food supplements, many people might have a rough understanding of its meaning and benefits. But because the word “food supplement” has been used interchangeably with “dietary supplement products”, it always causes some confusion amongst us consumers. In truth, “dietary supplement products” is different from “food supplements”. When speaking of it is the supplements taken in addition to your regular diet. Most dietary supplement products are extractions from plants, animals, or it can be of synthesized enzymes that the body cannot create on its own. Dietary supplements usually come in the form of capsules or tablets, which are portable and easy to consume. Although dietary supplements can help nourish the body, it cannot cure or treat illnesses like medicines.

What are the benefits of dietary supplements?

Although dietary supplements cannot cure and treat illnesses like medicines, there are still some health benefits; including:

  • Helps nourish and strengthen the body
  • Helps deliver nutrients that the body needs but cannot create
  • Helps to delay the aging process and keeping the body functioning efficiently
  • Enhance the skin, making you radiant from the inside out

To be on the safe side as well as to maximize the effectiveness of dietary supplements, you should refer to the labels, certified marks and instructions before consumption. What's more, you should take notes of the correct way to consume your dietary supplements because some supplements should be taken with food to be effective like those of fat-soluble vitamins, while water-soluble supplements absorb best on an empty stomach.

With this being said and done, although “food supplements” and “dietary supplements” are similar in a way, it is different. Remember that food supplements are regular food that you consume each and every day to maintain good health. But if you know that you are working too hard and that your body needs more nutrients, then try to look for dietary supplements that suit your needs.



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