Goodbye Toxins! Hello Beautiful Skin

Fashion models are known to have flawless skin, but have you ever wondered how they are able to keep their skin in great condition despite their packed schedules for fashion shows? Especially when their skin is subjected to chemicals, sometimes for more than 10 hours per day, or when having to change looks several times a day. It won’t come as a surprise then that their skin accumulates excess chemical residue throughout the shows. We’ve compiled some techniques on how to take care of your skin from the inside and outside for longer lasting beauty, including some secrets by top models and celebrities.

1. Wash thoroughly right away

Models know their skin has been bombarded with cosmetics for the whole day, so they always remove it as soon as they can. They also use skincare products and face masks before bed to soothe their skin. So if you have the lazy habit of getting home late and going straight to bed without cleaning your face, change your habit now!


2. Drink Up!

Besides skincare, drinking water is also very important as it helps remove toxins from your body. It also helps your blood circulate more effectively and prevents dehydration. Models claim that dehydration can happen at any time in the hectic backstage. Another option is to get help a little help from a supplement like Beyonde Maqui Plus, which combines the power of antioxidants from Superfruits and vegetables that will help reduce cellular stress and toxins in the liver. It also enhances the efficiency of internal organs leaving you with brighter skin.

beyonde Maqui Plus ( Duo Pack)

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3. Facial massage to detoxify

A young bright-eyed model Georgia Graham said in an interview with that she loved getting facial massages from Japanese makeup artists so much that she tried it at home herself but hasn’t been able to emulate the experience. Massages are one of the things that the vast majority of girls enjoy. Because besides being relaxing, they also push the toxins out of your body through lymphatic vessels, sweat, and urine. Massages also stimulate blood circulation and tighten your pores. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the toxins on the skin!


4. Get a full night’s sleep
This is a simple thing that many people neglect. Kendall Jenner has reiterated that at least 7-8 hours of sleep is her best beauty tip during Fashion Week. It helps to detoxify the brain and other parts of the body. This way the skin will be bright, able, and ready to cope with reapplication of makeup at any given time.

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