How does the “fish oil” change our lives?

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Technologies make our life better. But no matter how many technologies have been defined and refined, our food and diet haven't changed for the better. Therefore, to maintain our health, we need to look for good supplements.

“Fish oil” is one of the primary choices that most health-conscious people would go for. Why is that? It’s time to find out the truth about fish oil and its amazing benefits.

Facts about “Fish Oil”

Fish oil is an oil extracted from various parts (except the liver) of the marine fish. It is one of the commonly known dietary supplements that help improve our overall health and prevent various diseases. Fish oil contains high unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3, especially those that are extracted from the northern hemisphere marine fish like sardines, salmons, tunas, herrings and mackerels.

Good fish oil must be from high quality and safe sources.

Fish oil supplements come in many different brands, prices and quality; so, what indicator can we use to gauge whether the fish oil that we are looking at is a good quality or not? First, we need to look for the species and habitat of those marine fish. Because of marine pollution nowadays, some areas can be contaminated by toxins and mercury.

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Therefore, a good quality fish oil should be the oil extracted from marine fish that are living in its natural habitat within the environmental conservative area of the Pacific Ocean and the northern hemisphere. In addition, you should look for fish oil producers that are certified by sustainable fishery and global safety standards to get the most benefit from that supplement.

It can be seen that the fish oil extracted from nature consists of many health benefits. For those who are already healthy, fish oil can help prevent health complications that are caused by high cholesterol. The US Department of Public Health allows “fish oil” to be used as a drug to reduce bad cholesterol or “triglyceride”.

Do you know that cardiovascular disease kills an average of 17 Singaporeans every day?*

Health is wealth, is a classic proverb that many people wish for themselves. But from the statistics from the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, it has been found that cardiovascular disease has caused major deaths in Thailand. Most risk factors of cardiovascular disease are either from your genetics or your lifestyle:



The disease that increases the risk of coronary heart disease by two-fold. When the blood sugar is high, it increases the blood viscosity, which resulted in congested blood flow.


High blood pressure causes the heart to work much harder and hardens the arteries, leading to a higher risk of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

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Not only does nicotine affects the brain and nervous system, but it also affects the heart and circulatory system. Moreover, the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke contributes to reduced oxygen, causing more fat accumulation on the artery walls.


It causes the body to create abnormal amounts of cortisol which interferes with other bodily systems. It also increases blood lipids.

Obesity and Hyperlipidemia

Caused by self-neglected lifestyles, especially by eating food with high cholesterol and triglyceride. This bad cholesterol clogs up the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis.

With this mentioned, “fish oil” plays a very important role in our lives. Let’s start taking care of our health today by steering our health away from diseases and paying attention to those extra supplements that you are taking. It’s time to restore back your vitality with nature, let’s see why “fish oil” is special.

How does fish oil change our lives?

One of the reasons why women like to consume fish oil more than men is because it helps to add moisture to the skin as well as nourishes the hair and nails. But what is even more important is, fish oil contains high essential fatty acids for the body, especially Omega 3. Not only does the fatty acids help strengthen the cell wall, but it also helps stimulates the blood circulation.

Besides, Omega 3 is also rich in EPA and DHA which can only be extracted from marine fish. EPA and DHA help reduce stress, lower your triglyceride and bad cholesterol (LDL), improve blood circulation, lower the risk of atherosclerosis, and prevent inflammation in the blood vessels. This leads to healthier blood vessels and heart. In addition, both fatty acids also help nourish the brain by strengthening brain cells. Because of this, it is very important for the growth and development of children.


fish oil_look after yourself

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Besides, these fatty acids can inhibit the enzyme that destroys serotonin, an amino acid that regulates pain, appetite, and sleep. If the serotonin is destroyed, it can cause your body to malfunction, as well as cause irritation, insomnia, depression and weakened immune system.

With this mentioned, it comes as no surprise why fish oil is essential for your health. Great for both children and adults, it has been a popular dietary supplement for decades.

Although our lifestyle has changed immensely, making it more difficult for us to maintain our health, our lives are connected to nature since birth. Taking fish oil is a good way to take care of yourself. Not only does it help transform your health for the better, but it also helps to keep illnesses away.

Start taking care of yourself today, for healthier days tomorrow.

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*Data from Singapore Heart Foundation (2018)

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