Make Your New Year Resolutions Come True!

2020 is about to come. Many people start listing a long list of new things that they intend to start or change in life, or what foreigners call “New Year’s resolutions.” But have you ever listed out a bunch of things during the start of the year, but in the end, you actually achieve only a few things? This year is not going to be the same. Let’s try to make all of your lists become true. How can you strive to make your dreams come true without quitting first? We’ve got your back. Here are great techniques for you to read.
1. Give your dream times
No matter how good your wish is, if you do not pursue it continuously or if you stop in the middle of the way, it could just easily collapse. A lot of people are likely to be so determined at first but after a while, they start giving up if no results are evident. Whether trying to lose weight, training for a marathon, or gardening, try to give yourself more time. There is no rush, just do everything with a determination that you start off with and go step by step. Set a time frame for each step so that you will see the development and your dream will grow beautifully and eventually becomes true.
2. Focus on the real important things only
A lot of people have a long list of things they want to do. Of course, the New Year is a good time to start. You are so determined and full of energy, but wait a second… you will hardly achieve anything if you intend to do too many things, as you will not be able to focus on any single thing (like the saying to eat one’s cake and have it too). Try to set 3-5 realistic goals that you really want to do and find the best ways to achieve them. Anticipate the results and move towards them with full strength, both physically and mentally.
3. An encouraging sign
Some people like to jot their New Year resolutions in a book or in a cute memo to remind themselves. But if you want it to work long term, try to make a sign and put it on your desk at work or on the mirror of your dressing table, so that every time you see it, it will remind you to keep going and try your best to achieve your resolutions. You might stick a photo of your idols, significant ones, or someone that will be celebrating that happiness with you on the sign as well. I guarantee you that it will motivate you a lot!
4.Find some friends to do it with you
Some people enjoy doing things alone at first but then after a while they just change their mind and their plan just like that. Try finding some fellas or people who share the same goals as you. Consult with each other and plan and act together. You can try making up some fun rules like instigating a penalty to any person who doesn’t do what he or she agrees to. Taking turns to cheer each other up and motivate and soothe each other is indeed a great way to keep you going.
5. Share your dream and things to do with others
Of course, we do not start doing things just to impress others. But many times, sharing your goals or your achievements with others can be good as their feedback, opinions, and compliments could help push you towards your goals. Who knows? They might even have great ways or great sources of information to suggest to you as well. Now that you are ready, success is not far away!

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