New Year, New You

Want to be pretty? Want to look good but had been postponing it for the entire year last year? Whether it’s late-night work, not enough sleep, or no exercise that leaves you with a dull and deteriorated skin and body, this New Year, try to give it another shot. Be determined again. Turn it around and take great care of yourself! 360 degrees! Everything from your hair to facial skin, to body skin, is important! Say goodbye to the old, nerdy you who was swamped with a bunch of work. And get ready to be your new, aura-filled self who nobody can help but to fall in love with.
1. We are done!
Say no to that lifestyle with hardcore parties, overnight work, and coffee with a high concentration of milk and sugar, or even cigarettes. These are some of the causes that make you shabbier and shabbier every day. These causes accumulate and make it hard for you to change anything later on. So start now! Try to go to bed at least an hour earlier or find a 1-liter bottle of water to put on your desk where you can reach easily as it will make you drink more water. Water will add moisture to your skin and make the blood circulation system and functions of your organs work better. Or try detox teas which help with detoxification.
2. A one-size-fits-all product isn’t acceptable
After adjusting the internal balance, now it’s time to take care of the outside. Sometimes a lot of people are so chill that they neglect to pay attention to their bodies and carelessly use products that are not made for the purpose they want. Thinking that everything is the same isn’t a good idea. Try to use products that are made specifically for each part of the body, for example, hair treatment specifically for dyed hair, skincare for oily skin, lotion for dry skin, or anti-aging serum. Most importantly, try to use it constantly. Make it a habit. Tell yourself, “this thing was made just for me and I must use it!”
3. Rely on the professionals
Being able to take care of yourself is a good thing, but sometimes it might not be as good as being pampered by professionals. Try to find some time for a spa to get your skin scrubbed and your face massaged. Or, go to a salon that can give you a nice hair color without destroying your hair or leaving it dry and ugly. Besides getting exactly the beauty you thrive for, it can be considered as a small prize for yourself as well.
4. Go without makeup from time to time
Real beauty doesn’t mean that you need to apply heavy makeup on your face every single day. Try to find a rest day so that you don’t have to meet with anyone. Clean your face thoroughly, pamper your skin with a thin layer of skincare but do not put on any makeup as to let your facial skin breathe a bit. Or use a cute animal face mask and apply a natural formula hair treatment like olive oil mix with honey and leave it for around 15-20 minutes. It is refreshing for the skin and makes your hair looks soft and shiny with volume. You will fall in love with yourself just by touching your skin!

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