One Life, One Body: It's time to give yourself a complete care

It's not difficult to be healthy, all you need is to give yourself a complete care with triple power, “Refuel – Detox – Repair”, the triple combo of the health supplements from beyonde that have undergone intensive research and careful selection of the finest ingredients and nutrients just for your body.

Power 1: beyonde Life Sential replenishing essential nutrients every day for healthier body

Good health starts by eating healthy, sleeping early and exercising regularly. But with today's toxic environment plus stress, pollution and faster pace of living, it exhausts you deep into your cells. When your cells are weak, your brain and immune system are weak as well, which makes you tired, easy to get sick and in high risk of diseases from immune impairment such as tumors and cancer.

Therefore, to revitalise yourself, you need to start deep within your cells. Replenish your cells every day with beyonde Life Sential, the food for your cells which contains over 50 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Extracted from plants in molecular form, the nutrients can be absorbed and used by your body instantly. Perfect for your body, brain and immune system, this heathy 3-in-1 formula helps nourish and rejuvenate your body, as well as freshen up your brain and increase your immunity which helps you recover faster from a cold. No matter how tough the day is going to be, you can tackle your work with a big smile on your face.

Power 2: beyonde Maqui Plus+detoxifying toxins that has been accumulated from city life

Food contamination, dust, smoke, pollution, stress, the fast-paced society that urban people are living in today, plus the “work hard, play harder” lifestyle, have caused the body to accumulate free radicals unknowingly. This cause the liver to work extremely hard to breakdown fat, remove toxins, produce energy and white blood cells to entrap germs.

Thus, when your liver is strong, you are also healthy. Take care of yourself everyday with beyonde Maqui Plus+, the super antioxidant drink made from maqui berries (the king of antioxidants) and other 11 superfruits. Undergone intensive tests and strict production standards, this super antioxidant drink has been certified by research that it can effectively reduce inflammation caused by free radicals as well as enhance the functioning of the liver thanks to its superb antioxidant value (ORAC) of up to 249,225 units per bottle. This “important assistant” that has volunteered to take care of you will make you fit again by helping you remove the toxins from the body three times faster*, improving the health of your liver and protecting your body from various toxins**. Once your body has been detoxified of the toxins, your overall health will be greatly improved.

Power 3: beyonde Roxburghii Plus+protect and repair your body, the secrets to your longevity

Because there are many things in life that have not been fulfilled…it's time to reach every goal in life with an elixir to lock in your youth. Get ready to be the master of your own healthy mind and body, and extend your joyful moments with your beloved ones.

Replenish good things in life with beyonde Roxburghii Plus+, the super antioxidant drinks made from roxburghii, known as the “master of medicinal fruit” and five other superfruits that helps protect and repair the telomeres (or the DNA covering the tips of the chromosomes). With the superb antioxidant value (SORAC) of up to 542,880 units per bottle, it also helps protect your cells against free radicals, reduce the risk of various diseases, as well as protect your brain, heart and immune system from deterioration. With a healthier mind and body, you are now ready to fulfill your every goal in life.

Once your body is given a complete care with triple power that helps refuel, detox and repair, your life will always be ready for a new adventure.

*Result from a clinical test on 20 volunteers, aged between 20-40, after taking Maqui Plus 4 shots per day (100ml) for 3 months
**Result from a clinical test on 20 volunteers, aged between 20-40, after taking Maqui Plus 4 shots per day (100ml) for 3 months

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