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Introducing aviance Collagen Matrix Clean recipes! The Eat-Clean trend is becoming widely popular among health-centric young people because the foods are minimally processed and retain their naturally nutritious benefits from the five food groups. Try our recommended clean and easy recipes that will make you beautiful inside and out. Our hero for today is the clean food menus with varied levels of food cleanness for you to choose, while our heroine just has to be aviance Collagen Matrix who will help you restore skin youthfulness. Two benefits in a single meal! The main reasons behind our choice of aviance’s collagen are because firstly, it is flour-free, making it easily dissolvable; secondly, it is sugar-free, so it won’t interfere with the taste; and lastly, it is odor-free, and can be mixed with both main dishes and desserts!

MENU 1: Yogurt Toppings in a Glass Jar
With a combination of fruits and smooth yogurt, this easily done breakfast in a chic glass jar will awake freshness in you. It makes a perfect gift for everyone!


Ingredients: Natural flavor yogurt, Strawberry, Kiwi, Almond, Whole grain, aviance Collagen Matrix

Mix yogurt and collagen powder together at the ratio of 1 cup of yogurt to 1 teaspoon of collagen. Pour yogurt mix into the prepared glass jar. Alternate whole grain and almond for about 2 – 3 layers. Top with Strawberry and Kiwi slices.

MENU 2: Dancing Pan-Fried Egg
For protein lovers, this Dancing Pan-Fried Egg is for you! A protein-centric breakfast with added vitamins from parboiled or fresh vegetables of your choice to make your stomach happy for a whole day!


Ingredients: Chicken egg, Chicken breast meat, Shrimp, Carrot, Broccoli, Pepper, Low sodium soy sauce, aviance Collagen Matrix

Crack three chicken eggs (Use only one yolk) into a bowl. Pour the eggs into the pan. Heat the pan on low heat. Once the eggs begin to cook, place the prepared chicken breast meat, shrimp, and vegetables on the pan. Sprinkle the pepper and collagen powder on top. Add a little soy sauce to finish.

MENU 3: Boiled Brown Rice with Smoked Salmon
Salmon lovers will definitely fall head over heels with this menu, because this “Boiled Brown Rice with Smoked Salmon”, as its namesake suggests, comes with boiled brown rice and a big piece of smoked salmon with cooked grains. This is one menu you won’t want to trade for the world!


Ingredients: Brown rice, Salmon, Guinea-pepper, Black-White sesame, Almond, aviance Collagen Matrix

Boil the brown rice until it is cooked or soft to your satisfaction. Add a pinch of salt, and scoop into a bowl. Mix well with 1 teaspoon of collagen powder. Add salmon, black sesame, and almond slices. Sprinkle a little minced pepper on top.

MENU 4: Japanese style Chicken Roll
This menu is similar to brown rice sushi with Chicken breast meat in Japan, but swap seaweed for cucumber. The taste of minced chicken mixes well with the cucumber’s cooling power which will definitely make you feel fresh!


Ingredients: Chicken breast meat, Pepper, salt, Japanese cucumber, aviance Collagen Matrix

For the minced chicken stuffing, mince the chicken meat thoroughly. Mix with pepper and collagen powder, and grill it in a Teflon pan. Add a little olive oil on the pan beforehand. Use a fruit knife to peel the Japanese cucumber into long, flat slices. Put grilled chicken on the cucumber slices, roll, and stab with a toothpick to keep the roll shape.


These clean food recipes, when mixed with aviance collagen matrix powder extracted from fish, still retain their naturally delicious taste! You won’t even know collagen was added. Now it’s time to try it for yourself, so roll your sleeves up and let’s begin!

Collagen Matrix

Collagen Matrix is a 100% pure collagen supplement that combines Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide from France with the Hydrolyzed Dipeptide from Japan. Using the “Targeting-Dipeptide” technology, the molecule size of Collagen Matrix is much smaller, allowing the body absorb the collagen better and quicker. For maximised benefits, try mixing and matching Collagen Matrix with your favourite dish. Because Collagen Matrix contains “no flour”, it can be easily mixed and dissolved with your favourite drink or dish without any hustle. What's more Collagen Matrix contains “no sugar” and “no fishy or odour” so your food will remain tasty as before. So no matter whether you are into sweet or savoury food, you can reap up double benefits.

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