Prevent tooth cavities by taking care of your oral and dental health with Aquanized-Ion technology

Did you know that there is an electrical current in our mouth and its one of the causes of cavity?

According to science, everything in this universe is made up of particles that are negative and positive ions. The same goes for our human bodies which contain both charged ions running through. And so, it is not a surprise that this principle also applies for our mouth and saliva. While the calcium in our saliva contains positively charged ions, our teeth are made up of negatively charged ions. Because of the difference, the calcium starts to adhere firmly to our teeth; and over time, tooth plaque or dental biofilm starts to build on our teeth. And if we are slacking off in our teeth brushing in any way, it can lead to cavities.


Plaque is a sticky, colourless or pale-yellow film that is constantly forming on our teeth. It is caused by bacteria and food residue (including starch and sugar) that are accumulated in the teeth and gums. If we brush our teeth incorrectly or not thoroughly enough, these stains will harden and form tartar. Besides, the plaque fixed on a tooth will also release an acid that can erode the tooth surface and cause tooth decay.



Experience superior dental care with innovative Aquanized-ion technology

Although you have been taking good care of your teeth, that doesn't mean you can avoid the sneaky plaque and the problems that followed. One of the explanations is that our teeth aren't properly cleaned. Therefore, for your beautiful and strong teeth, it's time to take your dental care to the next level with i-fresh Multicare Toothpaste that offers you superior care for your dental health.

The innovative Aquanized Ion technology

The only patented Japanese technology that uses negative ion to penetrate food build-up and bacteria that are in the spaces between the teeth and gum lines – some of the causes of plaque and bad breath. Therefore, i-fresh does not only helps freshen your breath, but it also helps remove the build-up of bacteria and food from the tooth surface without damaging the tooth enamel.

Apple-Mint Tea flavour

It is a unique energizing flavour of Apple-tea (a specialized formula from England), coupled with the refreshing cool sensation of mint. Not only it gives you a delightful feeling after brushing your teeth, but it also helps prevent bad breath.

Apple-Zn-F extract

Helps protect your teeth against plaque build-up as a result of bacterial accumulation. While the fluoride helps prevent cavities, it is found that the combination of the raw apple and Zinc extracts is 20 times more effective than green tea in stopping plaque-producing bacteria.

Hydrated Silica

It is specially designed particles that offer you a superior toothbrushing experience. It helps clean your teeth more efficiently without damaging the tooth enamel.

For optimal dental result, after tooth brushing, use i-fresh Multicare Mouthwash to rinse your mouth once as to freshen your breath and remove the last bits of the trapped particles. Besides, some food and habits should be avoided to prevent dental problems such as carbonated drinks, ice, potato chips and extremely sweet or sour food as well as smoking. Finally, don't forget to go see your dentist every 6 months for your dental checkup.

Although your teeth are one of the strongest parts of your body, dental issues may arise if you neglect it. It's time to take a proper care of your teeth by avoiding food that are bad for your teeth as well as cleaning it thoroughly at least twice a day with i-fresh Multicare toothpaste and mouthwash. With this being said and done, your teeth will be strong and healthy and ready to smile at every angle.

It’s time to increase your confidence and show off your healthy teeth through your bright smiles.

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