Reveal your glowing skin, no matter how harsh the sun

Let’s prove that you can have beautiful skin all over

No matter how much sun exposure damages your skin, Aviance Gluta Orange , which is certified safe by global standard*, will directly protect and quickly rejuvenate the damaged cells to bring back soft, juicy and radiant complexion. It also continuously helps defend against the damage of inner skin layers after sun exposure as well as the uneven skin tone problem in hidden areas such as joints, underarms and bikini lines.** Get ready to reveal your flawlessly smooth and luminous skin with this all-in-one answer to all your skin wishes.

Since daily sun exposure damages not only the “outer layer” but also the “inner layers” of the skin. It causes your beautiful complexion to become dry and darken by the accumulated effect of UV and Infrared rays when you are exposed to the sun every day. Even though you stay in the shade or protect yourself with high SPF sunscreen along with a jacket, a hat and an umbrella, there is no escape from the UV rays that penetrate through the building’s transparent or reflected glass to cause damages. Meanwhile, the blue light emitted from fluorescent lighting as well as computer and smart phone screens--which most of us stare at for hours each day--also damages skin cells and causes dullness, wrinkles and dry complexion, followed by problems such as acne, freckles, melasma and premature aging.

When the sun only gets hotter every day and the blue light is hard to avoid, the same old skin protection method therefore is no longer enough to fight the ever-present culprit. No matter where you are, there seems to be no escape for women with active lifestyle. How to enjoy your life to the fullest if you have to worry about staying out of the sun and handling the culprit hidden in the shade?

"Active is the New Beauty" A clear skin mission to help protect and rejuvenate the inner skin layers--No more worries about outdoor sun or indoor UV!

Say goodbye to dull skin and the old sun protection method that fails to defend your inner skin layers. Now you can drink your way to complete a clear skin mission that will rejuvenate deep at the inner skin cells. Ideal for women with active lifestyle or anyone who loves outdoor activities from running, swimming, biking, playing golf or tennis to hiking. And no need to worry about hidden indoor UV or blazing outdoor sun. No matter how long you are exposed to the UV or harming radiation in the office, you can rest assured that your skin will no longer be damaged.

Reveal your glowing skin from head to toe without fear of the sun

Embrace the new definition of beauty-- “Active is the New Beauty”. Now you can enjoy the sun and every outdoor activity every day with Aviance Gluta Orange — a gluta beverage powder with Citrus Sinensis (Active Whitening Infused Water). This innovative inside-out skin rejuvenating drink offers a light and refreshing taste from 3 red orange extracts without artificial colors, fragrances, sugar or preservatives. It’s time to reveal your beautiful glow and cast aside your fear of the sun, aging, dry and rough skin!

Delicious tip for bright, glowing skin

Simply dissolve 1 sachet of Gluta Orange with 150 ml of room temperature water (add more or less water as you like). Or mix it with fruit juice, honey, lemon juice, tea or mineral drink for your favorite flavor while still receiving the skincare benefits that let you confidently stay active in the sun.

*Global Safety Standard The product has been certified to meet safety and inspectable standard: from raw materials manufacturing process and raw material source selection to clean, safe and eco-friendly packaging--the individual package reduces plastic usage by over 65%. It has been developed and researched by experts under the supervision by the Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) to ensure that Unilever products have the safety standard and reliable quality at a global level.

The product passes the maximum safety standard set by Unilever's Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC). The raw materials are selected from inspectable sources. The product is free from over 27 types of microorganism and heavy metal. It is also certified safe by the U.S.FDA (FDA Code of Federal Regulation 172.896).

**From the test conducted with 30 women who consumed 500 milligram of absorbable Glutathione a day within 2 weeks, 100% found that their sun-exposed skin was brightened and 87% found that the skin not exposed to the sun was brightened. No side effects were found from blood test and SGOT and SGPT lever enzymes were at normal levels after 8 weeks. (Handog, E.B. International Journal of Dermatology 2015.)

Individual results may vary. Not a treatment for medical conditions.

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