Strong to the bones: How to outsmart osteoporosis

Many people may have thought that bone problems shouldn’t be their concern until they are old, but in reality, osteoporosis can be lurking and secretly affecting them in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Do you know that about 90% of humans are at risk of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis, which literally means “porous bones,” is a disease characterized by low bone mass and density. As bones become more porous and brittle, the risk of fracture is greatly increased.

But what is even more frightening is, the loss of bone occurs silently and progressively, and often there are no symptoms until the first fracture occurs.

Osteoporosis occurs more in women, with one in every three women can be affected by osteoporosis, due to the fall in estrogen which acts as the natural protector and defender of bone strength, but in every one of five men, osteoporosis can also befall on them.

Although this disease is known as the 'silent killer' you can still outsmart this sneaky bone snatcher by being smart about your lifestyle and your calcium intake.

Some people may have thought that once you have grown out of your 'milk teeth' you don't need to drink milk or take any calcium supplement. But the truth is, you will always need calcium to prevent bone loss.

For stronger bones at every age

For stronger bones tomorrow, you need to take care of your bones starting today by exchanging your unhealthy lifestyle for a better one, with a healthy eating, regular exercising and choosing the right calcium supplement to strengthen your bones like Cal-Plex; which is suitable for all ages and comes in the form of “Milk-Calcium Mineral Complex” that provides you 200 times more concentrated calcium than regular milk; and Algae Calcium-D that comes with chicory fiber, vitamin D, calcium pro-absorption technology, plus 72 minerals – most suitable for people with lactose intolerance and in the risk of osteoporosis.


For stronger bones at every age

Though osteoporosis cannot always be avoided, it’s not too late to slow it down and fortify your body against it. Time to say ‘hello’ to stronger bones today!


Studies show that simply jumping straight up into the air (feet together), 50 times, three times a week, can help increase the bone mass. Besides, weight-bearing exercise such as jumping rope, running, and strength training also helps build bones.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), osteoporosis has become one of the highest health issues around the world, just second to cardiovascular disease; and it is currently estimated that over 200 million women have osteoporosis. One in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will experience an osteoporotic fracture. 


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