The Magical Beauty Bag Every Girl Should Have

The activities of the new generation of women do not stop at home or in the office anymore. Instead, they have to travel around from place to place whether to have a meeting with clients, to assist their boss at the seminar, to check their work, or even to do their daily delight missions like going to the gym to workout, learning to bake, or visiting their relatives during the holidays. It seems like with this much travelling the skin will inevitably have to be exposed to pollution.


It is time for women to turn their favorite bag into a “magic bag” which holds all the must-have items that can help restore skin radiance. No matter what lifestyle, every girl can look beautiful anytime and anywhere.

1. Mineral water spray
Rejuvenate your skin with natural mineral water spray. Try using a small portable sized spray one that is non-sticky. Some sprays can also help to tighten pores and reduce skin irritation and redness. Most importantly, it helps to maintain your makeup longer.

2. Your favorite makeup palette
The look that you carefully crafted in the morning might fade throughout the day due to sweat or dust. Apply the mineral water spray as mentioned and dab it off gently with tissues before fixing your makeup with your favorite makeup palette periodically. Besides colouring your lips or cheeks, if you are bored with the sweet look that you’ve worn since the morning, you can switch it up to a spicier tone for the afternoon and evening.

3. The hair band
You are now wondering how hair has anything to do with your skin, right? Hair that is too long or untidy in certain situations can cause skin irritation without you knowing. Try to tie your hair up during the day to be more agile. So long to hair blowing into your face or hot weather turning your hair into a sweaty mess which may exasperate your skin.

4. Travel Mug
Because water is the secret for a moisturized skin and a good blood circulation, do not let your body dehydrate ever! Find the best way to remind yourself to drink water by carrying a travel mug. Despite being a bit bulky in your bag, it can help you to instinctively drink more water. (But if you happen to love carrying a big bag or a tote bag, then way to go!) A smaller, portable water bottle will do as well!

You can also add extra benefits to the water with aviance Collagen Matrix100% pure collagen powder from France and Japan that has small molecules which are absorbed faster and work directly in the skin cells, making your skin soft and moisturized. It also tightens your pores, reduces wrinkles and dullness, and not to mention it nourishes your joints and bones. The best thing is that it comes in a portable package! Just open the sachet and mix. Done! Now you can be beautiful everywhere you go!

Collagen Matrix

Collagen Matrix is a 100% pure collagen supplement that combines Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide from France with the Hydrolyzed Dipeptide from Japan. Using the “Targeting-Dipeptide” technology, the molecule size of Collagen Matrix is much smaller, allowing the body absorb the collagen better and quicker. For maximised benefits, try mixing and matching Collagen Matrix with your favourite dish. Because Collagen Matrix contains “no flour”, it can be easily mixed and dissolved with your favourite drink or dish without any hustle. What's more Collagen Matrix contains “no sugar” and “no fishy or odour” so your food will remain tasty as before. So no matter whether you are into sweet or savoury food, you can reap up double benefits.

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