Welcome Pack: 3 Boxes Life Sential

Welcome Pack: 3 Boxes Life Sential

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What you get in this Welcome Pack:
- 3 boxes of Life Sential

- Free 2 Packs of Cal-Plex OR 2 Packs of Omeg 3 Plus

- Free delivery to your doorstep

- Free membership

Promotion is applicable to new members only (Purchase must be made in the same month when a new member registers)


beyonde LifeSential

Dietary supplement consisting of over 50 types of essential vitamins, minerals, and Amino Acids

*Nutritional content is an accumulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acid, Coenzyme Q10, extracts from melon, chlorella, and shiitake.

beyonde Cal-Plex
Dietary Supplement combining Calcium (Milk Calcium Mineral Complex) and Vitamin D3.

beyonde Omeg 3 Plus
Dietary supplement from fish oil, wheat germ oil, garlic oil and Vitamin E