Lever Home Fabric Softener Concentrate

Lever Home Fabric Softener Concentrate

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Fabric softener concentrate is 4 times* more concentrated than any other softener products. Fresh and delicate fragrance lasting up to 15 days**. Multi-purpose formula can be used with washing and drying machines. Help coat fibers in the clothes making them feel soft, smooth and fluffy. Makes ironing easy and saves time. UV filter mix helps protect colours and fibers in the clothes from UV ray in sunlight, maintaining brilliant fabric colours. Prevents static electricity, making it easy and comfortable for the wearer.

* When compared to Comfort Fabric Softener, morning floral fragrance

** Testing results in Unilever laboratories by a sample of 39 consumers between 26 August - 10 September 2010.


Product Ingredients:

Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alkyl Polyglycoside


How to Use:

Hand wash : Pour 1/10 lid (5 ml) of fabric softener into the final rinse of water to make the fabric soft, fluffy, fragrant, clean, more pleasant to use.

Machine wash : Pour 1/5 lid (10 ml) of the softener into the final rinse. If you want to wash more clothes or want the clothes to be more fluffy, you can increase the quantity as needed.

Dryer : Pour softener into a spray bottle containing some water. then, spray the procuts 6 times onto dry clothes and place it on top of the pile. Dry the clothes regularly. (Use a designated piece of cloth for this specific purpose and wash it often in order to eliminate the collective stains that might occur.